About Us

First and foremost, we're a family of Texans. Born and raised here, we know what being a Texan is all about and we definitely know Texas sports.

Whether we're at the stadium, watching from home, or listening to a game on a long road trip, our family is always plugged in to Texas sports - especially football. Our family has a long history supporting and participating in Texas sports - as players, coaches, cheerleaders, and band members. We've slept in our trucks while reserving tailgate spots, barbecued for hours on end, attended countless away games, cheered at bowl games, marched on the field, and even won a couple of conference championships.

We've played among the greats, witnessed records being broken, and faired the ups and downs that come with both winning and losing seasons. Most of all, however, we've been true fans through it all and are proud to be part of such incredible Texas sports traditions.

Through these experiences, we've identified an opportunity to design and create Texas sports apparel that not only supports our teams, but also offers something a little different - a little more unique. We've created Texas Fightwear to share that vision with you and we hope you'll follow along and join the family.

Check out our line of products and show your Texas spirit in style this season!